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 los angeles

saturn return

the end of last year I shot this as we had a Capricorn eclipse and Saturn began exiting the sign of Capricorn. Saturn in Capricorn is destiny, it is karma, it is restriction. These past 2.5 years with this placement was a mental hell for me that i thought i would never escape. And now as it exits Capricorn and enters Aquarius (something i was looking forward to) it looks like this inescapable hell has become physically realized as we sit in the middle of a global crisis and pandemic. I worked with themes in astrology as they applied to my birth chart. Saturn in Aquarius is my Saturn return. Capricorn sits in my fourth house, the house of ancestry, foundation, and roots. Capricorn on its own is the master of time. So I played with my ancestry and the concept of time being fluid rather than linear. Just as I’m sure my ancestors already knew and experienced: This world i created takes place simultaneously today tomorrow and yesterday. Because I was dealing with so much mental anguish that seemed like i had been casted into damnation that I couldn’t crawl out of I created an apocalyptic worldscape, reminiscent of the anime Berserk. I say reminiscent because in Berserk a hell is unleashed with no escape set off by an eclipse very similarly to my own experience.

AD| Photography| Post production: Bibs Moreno