Cancer x Aquarius 
photographer + retoucher

iNSX f2021
「 Photography, Editing: @bibsmoreno
Modeling: @daifluenza @1p1b0s723
Production assistant: Ranma Morin
Stylist, Additional Editing, Creative Direction: @ang5l__

Cancer x Aquarius 
art director + photographer + retoucher
The astrological sign of Cancer interpreted through the eyes of an Aquarius. Inspired by horseshoe crabs, sea urchins, Jimmy Neutron, and the moon.

art director + photographer + designer
printed magazine of Los Angeles street style - 
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Withstanding the Thread of Mortality
and Malevolence Without Collapsing
art director + photographer + videographer
promotional art for single release for masokissed.

 saturn return ii
art director + photographer
makeup/model:@alastor.wrath  Stylist/model: @ang5l__ @insx.archive