Pluto entering 0° Aquarius has been conjunct my natal Lilith for some time now. Decided to explore the mythology of Lilith from a Gnostic lens and what it means for me personally in my natal Astro chart. Sat with feelings of rejection, control, entrapment, dark feminine energy, reclamation of power , acceptance and integration of the shadow self.

Collaborated with ce(n) who also has their own unique personal connections with Lilith energy- who psychically brought that serpent spirit .

Photo | AD | Post Production: @bibsmoreno
Model | Styling | Nail Art: @ang5l__

Maeve: La Fuga
CD Design I made for a fellow friend and super cool experimental breakcore producer Maeve. For her single titled 'La Fuga'. If you care to take a listen you can find the single here 

Photographer + AD + retouching:@bibsmoreno
Makeup: @innerxtc
Model: @myruca_

Uranias Mirror: Aquarius
Aquarius, the alien , the Angel, the inter dimensional being. Cold and emotionless to outsiders. The water bearer who pours back their own water into the collective. Saturnian and Uranian. Both timeless and forever. Past present future all exists as one. Creepy to some. Beautiful to many 🤍☁️

Inspired by bayonetta , jojos bizarre adventure, the Bible, and the tarot. !

Photographer + AD + retouching:@bibsmoreno
Assistant/hair: @roman.a.vv
Assistant/hottie on set: @silkylolita
Hair: @dondyed
Masks: @maeamaria
Styling: @nomijoon
Clothes: @n0mij00n + @64venganza64

Aperture Foundation
Photos I took of @gabrielaxruiz for @aperturefnd issue 245 ft
@pilartompkinsrivas !!

Additionally it features photos me + gabby have taken over the years with a write up on her as an artist .

Gabby curated a beautiful crew of talent to make these photos possible.
Photographer: @bibsmoreno
Sculptures: @tureynamiguel
Makeup: @shablamgela
Hair: @ladysoulfly

l.a. Eyeworks
photographer + retoucher

Art Direction+ Set Design: @gabrielaxruiz
MU / Hair: Anthony Crane @anthonycrane_hmu
Production Support: Antonio Ramirez