Ancestral Trauma: Vulnerability + Intimacy 
art director + photographer + stylist
I began dreaming up this shoot years ago but it was such a sensitive topic for me that was so personal it took time for me to distance myself from it. But I’m starting a new series on Ancestral Trauma and how toxic, painful trauma and abuses are passed from generation to generations of families. Its a multi part series on different types of traumas many people go through and may not even realize. This first shoot is on the inability for many of us to truly be vulnerable and intimate because we were never taught or were severely betrayed or hurt when intimate. So many see vulnerability as weakness from past experience. And only see pain from intimacy. How can we truly love each other when we feel this way? How can we truly love when we’re vulnerable and close we just hurt one another? How can we truly be seen and understood when we can’t even get close?